The Livermore Yotsukaido Sister City Organization (LYSCO) was established in 1977 to facilitate better understanding and cultural exchange with our sister city Yotsukaido, Japan. Yotsukaido’s population and socio-economic circumstances are similar to Livermore and is about an hour’s drive from Tokyo. Yotsukaido Cross-Cultural Association (YOCCA) is the name of their sister city organization.

Our middle school student exchange program started in 2001. Over the years, long friendships have developed over shared cultures, shared interests, and shared experiences. Each March, middle school students from Yotsukaido visit Livermore for a week. They stay with local middle school students’ families, attend school with them, and experience the daily life of a typical American family. In October, Livermore middle school students go to Yotsukaido, are hosted by a Japanese family and have similar experiences.


We invite you to become a member of the Livermore Yotsukaido Sister City Organization (LYSCO) and join with us in this wonderful cultural exchange. LYSCO offers young people the opportunity to experience the Japanese culture first-hand and make life long friendships with young people in Japan as well as the opportunity to be their host when they visit us. Annual family membership is only $25!

Membership App

Apply to travel to Japan! Every year a group of eighth grade students from the Livermore middle schools are selected to participate in a unique student exchange with our sister city of Yotsukaido, Japan through the LYSCO Student Ambassador program. We ask for interested students to submit their application for this wonderful opportunity.

For the upcoming Japan trip, the application is due 4/28/2020.

Japan Trip Student Application